Taylor Gillaspie

Guest Speaker: Taylor Gillaspie

Taylor & Jessica Gillaspie are our guest speakers for this year’s Youth Camp June 27-30.
Taylor Gillaspie was born and raised in Cleburne, TX. He grew up in a Christian home attending and graduating from the public school. At the age of eight, he attended Vacation Bible School at his church where he heard the Gospel, understood his need for salvation and trusted Christ as his Saviour. As a teenager, he began living in sin and distancing himself from God, his church and his parents. By the age of sixteen, he was a miserable, long-haired rebel longing for a purpose in life. That summer at a Christian camp in the Colorado Rockies the preaching of God’s Word penetrated and broke his hard heart. He walked the aisle, repented of his sin and returned back to a joyful relationship with God. The following year he began to grow spiritually, serve at his church and witness at his public high school. He found the purpose he had been longing for. A year later he was called to preach. Through Bible college and summer ministries God confirmed in his heart the specific call to full-time evangelism and revival work. He now lives in Rogers, AR with his wife Jessica and serves as staff evangelist at Gospel Light Baptist Church and Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, LA. Taylor travels the country preaching the Bible in churches, Christian schools and camps. He desires to see lost people trust Christ as their Saviour and genuine revival in the lives of God’s people. You can learn more about our speaker’s ministry by going to his website at www.taylorgallaspie.com — with Taylor Gillaspie.

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